Caliber M-1000


Caliber M-1000 is a versatile, corrosion inhibiting liquid designed for anti-icing, de-icing, frost prevention, and pre-wetting solids. Caliber M-1000 is a blended de-icer derived from corn, specifically engineered to enhance the eutectic point, anti-icing properties and viscosity of the MgCl2.

Uses & Application

Anti-icing – As an anti-icer and frost preventer, Caliber M-1000 provides superior "anti-bonding" properties, allowing easy removal of snowpack with simple plowing.

Recommended Application Rate:

  • Frost Prevention 15 – 20 gallons per lane mile
  • Anti-icing 20 – 30 gallons per lane mile (40 gallons maximum)

De-icing – As a liquid de-icer, Caliber M-1000 outperforms other liquid products. When applied in a stream pattern, Caliber M-1000 vertically penetrates the snowpack and breaks the bond at the road surface.

Recommended Application Rate:

  • Direct Application De-icing 40 – 60 gallons per lane mile

Pre-wetting - As an onboard pre-wetting agent for salt and sand, Caliber M-1000:

  • Reduces bounce and scatter
  • Increases the speed at which the salt begins working
  • Improves the melting capacity of the salt
  • Permits the use of salt at lower temperatures

Recommended Application Rate:

  • 5 – 15 gallons per ton of granular material, depending upon the solid used and the performance objective.


Caliber M-1000 enhances the performance of MgCl2 at low temperatures. Caliber M-1000 suppresses crystal formation in MgCl2, therefore eliminating the recrystalization phase and crystal fallout problems. Caliber M-1000 is also far less corrosive than other products.  Tests prove that Caliber M-1000 is over 80% less corrosive than rock salt and over 60% less corrosive than magnesium chloride.

Features & Benefits

  • Delivers safe roads
  • Performs quickly and efficiently
  • Melts ice at low temperatures
  • Reduces road slickness
  • Lasts longer than other products
  • Performs at low temperatures
  • Features low eutectic point
  • Emits no harsh odor
  • Improves snow removal


"The product worked more consistently than the other products we have tried and after using the Caliber M1000 for several months the crew and I think it is the best liquid deicer we have used to date."
Allen Minerich Maintenance Supervisor Cle Elum, Washington DOT

“Fast acting. Really cuts through the hard pack. No harsh odor. I’ll definitely be using it again next winter."
Paul Johnson Operation Manager County of Wellington, Ontario Canada

"We achieve our desired level of service using half as much material. The product just
lasts longer. It is the hottest product we’ve ever used as a de-icer."
Larry Schneider Fort Collins, CO