IceSlicer is a line of environmentally friendly, high-performance granular de-icing products used to break the bond of snow and ice from roadways, walkways, driveways, and parking lots. These products outperform white salt at all temperatures by creating better traction and reducing corrosion, while also eliminating the need for sand.

Uses & Application

IceSlicer products can be used as a stand-alone product or blended with sand to expedite snow and ice melt and enhance traction.

IceSlicer is available in the following formulas:
  • IceSlicer RS is ideal for use in general highway and street de-icing, available in fine to extra coarse grains. With anti-caking and anti-freezing agents added, IceSlicer RS is best applied in a V-box spreader and may be stored outdoors.
  • IceSlicer Medium is 100% “screened to medium coarseness”. This virtually dust-free product is produced for use as a packaged de-icer and may be applied using any spreader or by hand. Indoor storage is recommended.
  • IceSlicer Superblend is an intermediate fine-to-coarse de-icer can easily be applied using any spreader.  IceSlicer Superblend should be stored indoors.
  • IceSlicer Elite is a specially formulated blend with an enhanced de-icing agent, which further improves its melting capabilities. IceSlicer Elite is corrosion inhibited to protect equipment and structural steel and meets PNS specifications.  IceSlicer Elite is best applied using a V-box spreader and should be stored indoors.


IceSlicer’s unique blend of natural chlorides outperforms liquid anti-icing chemicals and rock salt. IceSlicer products melt down ice and snow to 5°F, a full 17° lower than regular road salt.  IceSlicer’s “reddish” color not only accelerates ice melt by absorbing 50% more of the sun’s radiant energy than white de-icing products, it also signals to motorists that roads have been treated. The IceSlicer products require fewer applications resulting in reduced amounts of chlorides introduced into the environment. Since IceSlicer products deliver enhanced traction, the need for sand is eliminated, there by significantly reducing sediment loading on roads and in nearby streams.

Features & Benefits

Compared to regular road salt, IceSlicer:
  • Reduces corrosion by 70%
  • Provides a substantial cost savings in operating and cleanup
  • Lowers application rates
  • Offers an environmentally friendly alternative
  • Improves melting times to ensure quicker service to secondary roads


"Since we started using Ice Slicer exclusively in 1999 we have had up to a 75% reduction in material use and approximately a 50% savings in snow fighting costs per storm. We also use Ice Slicer on our parking lots and sidewalks and have had no adverse affects to our grass or plants. In general, I think everyone is pleased with Ice Slicer including the citizens."

Mel Farley, Streets Supervisor, Casper, Wyoming